Our Mission

To promote Judeo-Christian values by educating and uniting the Church and local leadership to be able to engage our community in the issues of the day.

Areas of Focus

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Traditional Family



Sex Industry



Upcoming Lunches & Speaking Engagements!

May 2       - Brandon - Stacy White

County Commission, District 4 - Commissioner White will provide an update on what’s happening with the transportation tax and other key issues in Hillsborough County.

May 9       - Plant City - Stacy White

May 21  - South County - Melissa Snively

Hillsborough School Board Member - District 4 - Board Member Snively will have the latest update on the selection of sex-ed curriculum in Hillsborough Schools and on how the income from the tax referendum and usage of the money is proceeding.

June 6      - Brandon - Dotti Skipper

Human Trafficking State Coordinator for the Salvation Army. Dotti will update us on the progress of efforts to eliminate human trafficking. She’ll also let us know what we can do to help.


County Commissioners

District 1 Sandra Murman 813-272-5470 

District 2 Ken Hagan 813-272-5452       

District 3 Les Miller, Jr.   813-272-5720    Chairman

District 4    Stacy White             813-272-5740     Chaplain

District 5 Mariella Smith        813-272-5725     

District 6   Pat Kemp                  813-272-5730      Vice-Chair

District 7 Kim Overman    813-272-5735   

Email:  https://hcflgov.formstack.com/forms _commissioner?field51883190=1                                      


School Board System

District 1  Steve Cona   (813) 272-4052  Email: Angela.Castrejon@sdhc.k12.fl.us

District 2  Stacy Hahn (813) 272-4045 Email: Linda.Ortiz@sdhc.k12.fl.us

District 3  Cindy Stuart (813) 272-4052 Email: Angela.Castrejon@sdhc.k12.fl.us

District 4  Melissa Snively, Vice Chair (813) 272-4618 Email: Alene.Springer@sdhc.k12.fl.us

District 5   Tamara P. Shamburger, Chair (813) 272-4053  Email: Michelle.Davenport@sdhc.k12.fl.us

District 6   Karen Perez (813) 272-4045  Email: Linda.Ortiz@sdhc.k12.fl.us

District 7  Lynn L. Gray (813) 272-4618   Email: Alene.Springer@sdhc.k12.fl.us

Schools By Board District https://hillsboroughschools.org/doc/1028/school-board/board-members/schoolsbydistrict//?district=5

All volunteers and community partners must complete or reactivate the online Volunteer Application each school year. This includes Level 2, fingerprinted volunteers. New applications for current school year become available on July 1, the start of the new school year. Please call (813) 231-1870 if you have any questions regarding volunteer opportunities. {LINK}


Our Home

This is our home and we want all communities to have a person to keep this website current on issues that effect their area. Well written reports based on facts reflecting who, what, when and where. Pictures related to issues such as bad roads or buildings that are in need of repair can should be submitted with the article.

— Donovan, Volunteer