Help Kill Common Core

The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CC) is being promoted with slick ads made by the big money interests that will benefit from its implementation! Groups like Microsoft, Pearson Publishing, inBloom, and now, AIR, the company creating the year-end test, will all benefit financially from providing goods and services as the CC is coming online. Later they’ll see even more income from the ability to micro target their marketing to your family with the data that’s gathered on you and your children as part of the program.

Virtually all the media coverage is pro-CC, as if the writers were either proponents or had read the talking points and regurgitated them without checking their validity. In fact, the standards themselves are no better than what we have now. Different, but not better. Some of the standards are developmentally inappropriate for the younger grades.

They aren’t “internationally benchmarked”. In fact, that term was used as the descriptor for what states would have to accept in return for being allowed to apply for Race To The Top grants. At the time the grants were offered CC hadn’t’ even been created. When the CC were developed, proponents had to say they were internationally benchmarked (it’s not true) in order for them to qualify for the grants so that states would accept them.

There’s no end of chicanery and outright deception that’s accompanied CC from the day it was introduced! I’ve reported on much of it and there’s an almost endless supply of negative information available from other sources.

The key now is: “What Do We Do?”

My suggestion is to contact Governor Scott. With a stroke of the pen he can STOP COMMON CORE. Call, send him an email or letter, or get one of the “Erase Common Core” kits from Eagle Forum of Florida. I have a few of them or you can get a kit directly from Eagle Forum.

The main point to make to the Governor is that Common Core could cost him the votes of thousands of grassroots conservatives and that could cost him the election. Remind him that he has the authority to bring Common Core to a halt.


President & Founder of Community Issues Council. I'm a conservative Christian activist. For 18 years I've advocated locally from a Christian Worldview for the Sanctity of Life, Religious Liberty, Traditional Family, parents' rights, and children's education. My opinion is regularly sought out by people in the community and by local media.