Tell Governor Scott: “Stop Common Core!”

The State Legislature passed several bills that were supposed to take away people’s concerns regarding the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCS).


The State School Board made some pretty minor changes and then changed the name to Florida Standards in an effort to blunt the rising tsunami of criticism around the state. None of these things fixed the problems, many of which have been mentioned in prior issues of this newsletter.

The only option left for this year is to bombard Gov. Scott with opposition to the CCS and ask him to stop it dead in its tracks. You can reach him at by mail: Office of Governor Rick Scott, The Capitol, 400 S Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001. Phone: 850-488-7146. Email: (his aide).

Leave a message telling the Governor that not really stopping Common Core will have a tremendously negative impact on his chances for reelection.

President & Founder of Community Issues Council. I'm a conservative Christian activist. For 18 years I've advocated locally from a Christian Worldview for the Sanctity of Life, Religious Liberty, Traditional Family, parents' rights, and children's education. My opinion is regularly sought out by people in the community and by local media.